Cloud Security Automation and Orchestration for Enterprise Security Teams
Guardian is designed to help enterprises quickly establish guardrails and policies that help govern how GCP resources may be configured and consumed by enterprise cloud users. Policy violations can be monitored, alerted and response workflows can be orchestrated to help expedite remediation.
Future Proof GCP Observability
Future Proof Your GCP Observability
Align with GCP Security Roadmap
Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC) is the canonical security and risk database for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Cloud SCC is the aggregation point for the growing list of current and future GCP-native and third-party threat sources. By tightly integrating and leveraging Cloud SCC as its source for GCP inventory and security findings, Guardian ensures that your GCP observability is future-proofed.
Leverage Google Security at Scale
Leverage Google Security at Scale
Benefit from Google's Anomaly Detection
Built-in anomaly detection developed by the Google security team is a part of Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC) and helps identify threats like botnets, cryptocurrency mining, and suspicious network traffic in your projects and virtual machine (VM) instances. Guardian allows you to leverage Google's anomaly detection at scale while expediting your enterprise's response to any anomalies.
Third-Party Integrations
Integrate and Respond to Third-party Findings
Keep your favorite threat detectors
Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC) enables threat information from third-party security tools to be integrated. This provides you to have a complete understanding of your organization's security risks, vulnerabilities, and threats. Guardian's integration with Cloud SCC ensures that you can continue to rely on these third-party tools and use the aggregated findings to orchestrate any responses.
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CloudQuest is a Google Cloud Platform Technology and Services Partner, that has cultivated deep expertise with Google Cloud Platform. CloudQuest can help you assess your current posture to establish a baseline and help implement best practices around Cloud Security for your enterprise.

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