We help companies unlock the full potential of the Cloud
Our Mission

We help companies address the growing need for security, solutions and expertise required to accelerate their digital transformation journey to the cloud

Company Objective

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, companies see IT led digital transformation as the key to competitive advantage. We believe that the cloud and cloud-native approaches are the key to digital transformation

Even though the transformation depends on them, IT departments today are mostly consumed with KTLO i.e. Keeping The Lights On. There is simply no bandwidth to focus on transformative cloud-native strategies. Further, security and the lack of adequate cloud expertise have become key inhibitors to cloud adoption by enterprises.

CloudQuest sees an opportunity to bring much needed vision and execution expertise to companies wishing to create and implement a truly secure, cloud native digital transformation strategy.

The Founding Team
Vijay Sarathy
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Nishan Sathyanarayan
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Ramesh Menon
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